About Fascinating Productions

is a podcast production company dedicated to giving listeners a chill down their spine. . . and maybe a few interesting facts to tell to their friends and co-workers. In each episode of my shows I deep dive into history, mythology, or folklore, and in some way or another connect the dots.

Listen while driving, while cooking dinner, or to gain some insight for your next school project. A lot of people tell me I have a soothing voice, as well, so feel free to cure that insomnia and listen to me while falling asleep. I would do the same thing. 

Your Host

Hey there!

My name is Paige Woolstenhulme.

I am the creator, researcher, writer, editor, producer, and voice of Fascinating Productions. While this production company will continue to grow, as of now I have two published podcasts. That includes Strange Origins and American Mythos. Both are about the interesting history behind the stories we tell around the campfire.

I have been interested in the macabre from a young age. Gothic tales, mysterious disappearances, and strange events you can’t quite explain. These are some great examples of what I dive into in my projects.

Since being hired to work on some large writing projects as a teenager and graduating with a B.A. in Humanities with an emphasis on Lifelong Learning, I decided to combine what I was good at with what I was passionate about.

My inspirations stem from podcasts and production companies like Welcome to Nightvale, Radio Rental, Grim & Mild, Two Girls One Ghost, and everything from Public Radio Alliance.

Support For The Shows

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Strange Origins answers your questions about history and poses some new ones. Have you ever wondered what gave birth to the stories we tell around the campfire? What happened in our history that caused spooky tales of creatures such as werewolves and ladies in white to be passed down from generation to generation? And more importantly, why are we still so fascinated with the macabre? Join me as I jump down the rabbit hole of a new subject each week and attempt to stitch together the history of all things strange and spooky.

In American Mythos, a young grad student travels to all fifty states in the U.S. in order to research how myths are born and grow with time. With an interest in cryptozoology, she takes her vintage tape recorder with her to chronicle the rise and fall of creatures you may or may not have heard of. From the Snellygaster to the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp she discovers what it takes for a small story to turn into an urban legend discussed by millions. Along the way she also finds that the truth about America's history isn't something easily uncovered without ruffling a few feathers. 

Currently American Mythos is a Patreon only podcast with new episode coming out every two weeks. Go click on the Patreon link above to go subscribe for $2 a month.