Thank you to everyone for taking the time to vote for me for this year's Paranormality Awards show! Strange Origins won under the category of Best Mythology Podcast and I couldn't be happier!

Strange Origins feels like such a big project to me, but I'm sure it doesn't feel that way to anyone else. Quite a few hours go into every subject I study, especially within the Strange Origins universe. So while the research and final project make me happy, it's still so wonderful to see that everyone appreciates the other 90% of work that goes into creating something like Strange Origins. 

I also want to especially thank all those people who kept listening, even though my numbers were small, and my technical skills (which are still growing) were much, much worse than they are now. As with anything good, it just takes a little nudge and a little patience for something wonderful to grow and I've definitely seen that with Fascinating Productions. 

If you would like to help contribute to my growth go visit With some extra patronage, the show will flourish as I would have the resources to invest in better-quality podcast episodes. 

*Update: I also want to mention that after my latest episode went up featuring Corpse Roads, I received a notification from Podstatus that Strange Origins was ranked 158 in the History category in Ireland. I think that's especially interesting because a lot of my stories focus on Ireland as an interesting place historically, and where a lot of our mythology and traditions come from. Thank you, Ireland, for being such a big supporter!