Episode 31 | Zombies
Strange OriginsMay 22, 2021x
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Episode 31 | Zombies

Episode Description

A Note Of Warning: The topic I discuss this week may not be suitable for listeners under the age of 13. 

For the first episode of season three of Strange Origins, I deep dive into the history behind Zombies. From werewolf/vampire/ghoul hybrids to the shores of Haiti, the idea of what zombies are has taken on a thousand different forms. That was, until the golden age of monster movies and Hollywood horror, where zombies became something more than flesh-eating, slow-walking creatures from the grave. 

This week also features a trailer for the podcast Keep It Weird. Be sure to check them out if you crave even more spooky stories in your earbuds! Follow them @ Keepitweirdcast on Instagram. 

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